Who is behind, Kng Ant Designs?

Who is behind, Kng Ant Designs?

Many of you are new and may not know me from the various social media platforms that I frequent so I figured here is as good a place as any to tell you about myself, give you a brief history of the business and then you can see where the items you purchased have originated.

To begin, my name is Lawrence, but I go by Ant. No, nowhere in my name is the any Anthony, so how in the world did I end up being called Ant. Well, many, many moons ago, back when “chat rooms” were the only form of real social media there was available, I know I’m dating myself, I was in one group/page that I frequented often. One of the more popular posts was to tell everyone your favorite animal. Most people tend to say one of a handful of animals with a few outliers (lions, elephants, sharks, dogs, cats, bunnies, etc.) but my favorite animal is an insect.

I have always been fascinated with ants in general and found, and sometimes still find, myself staring at a line of ants, just going about their duties on the sidewalk. The way that for the colony to survive there must be a very rigid hierarchy of individuals all doing their part to their very best for the betterment of the entire group. With anything that I have a passion for, I researched ants very deeply for quite some time and found one species of ant that intrigued me the most, the siafu. There is a legend in Tanzania that Siafu ants are to be more feared than any other animal on the continent, yes even more than lions, hyenas, and cheetahs. There have been supposed reports of meter-wide bands of these marauding army ants eating anything that is too slow to get out of their way. While this is very much folklore with a smattering of truth, THAT is my favorite animal, ever. Indiana Jones has an entire scene built around the ants in the Kingdom of the Crystal skull; you can watch that here:




So, back to the story. I chose the Siafu as my animal and people slowly started referring to me by “Ant-Man” instead of my screen name. At this time this new thing called Facebook, came about and I joined along with several of my then closest online friends from the chat room. They continued to call me Ant-Man, then shortened to just Ant and it’s kind of stuck.

Fast forward a few and the vaping scene was blowing up. I decided to start making my own liquids and save a few pennies. I had a few people local to me ask to try it. They enjoyed it and said that I should try to sell it. So, I did. The company was called “The Vaping Ant” and only sold locally to me but it was a great success. I cannot remember who said it but a customer in a store that I was restocking asked the cashier for a bottle of one of my flavors. When I asked him what made him choose that flavor he said, “That guy is the King of the local juice makers, it should be King Ant instead of The Vaping Ant”. Little did he know that he was talking to the guy who made the juice. I guess he was telling every store that he went to that I should have a company called King Ant and from then on locally I was known as King Ant and not just Ant. I discontinued making juice and just laid low for a while until one day at a vaping convention I bought a stand from a company called JWraps. I had no idea it was 3d Printed but fast forward 7 years and I went to buy another and realized that the company had stopped making products.

Come back for part 2 soon.


Bernard DUPONT from FRANCE, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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